Range Features 25 yard range
14 Full-Functioning lanes
Air Conditioned
High-Powered Rifles
Shotguns Welcome
Full Amenities
On-site Gunsmith
Training Facilities
Hours of Operation
Monday: 1pm - 8pm
Tue-Fri: 12noon - 8pm
Sat & Sun 10am - 6pm
*Subject to change without notice.
Featured Product Blackhawk Holsters


Range Rules
We strive to provide the safest facilties, please adhere to the rules below:

Valid picture ID is required for all shooters 18 and over
Every NON MEMBER will leave valid picture ID at front desk while shooting
Ear and eye protection must be worn at all times
Any employee has the right to inspect your guns or ammunition at any time to check for legality
Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times
Use of cell phones is forbidden
No profane or abusive language is allowed or tolerated
This facility is made available to law abiding citizens regardless of age gender or national origin
Shooters must follow range masters orders at all times no exceptions
NON MEMBERS must purchase our ammunition
Only guns in working order can be used on our range
Any jams or malfunctions will be reported to range master and he will clear and or resolve the issue
Guns and range bags will be inspected by range master
Lanes will be assigned
All guns not in use will be left open with mag out with a chamber indicator in gun
All shooters will be responsible for policing their own brass by sweeping it through the hole in the shooting port
All trash will go in the trash can
No cross bay shooting will be tolerated for any reason
Absolutely no horse play this will result in immediate dismissal from range
All members are responsible for their guests and will be held accountable for their actions
No one barred from possessing a gun may enter the range or handle any firearm
No reloads or remanufactured ammunition is allowed on the range
You are responsible for the range if lights, rails, or carriers are shot you will be removed and fined for range repair (lights $50 carriers $10 rails $200 per section) only target backers can be shot
No drug or alcohol use will be tolerated
Only sworn law enforcement officers can holster without range masters approval
Law enforcement must have badge displayed if the wish to carry in store or on range
Instructions from range master are final
Shooters must stay in assigned booth
Shooters cannot share their weapon with other shooters parties
No breaking down of guns for any reason
No gun cleaning or gunsmithing will be done on the range property
Three people to a lane max
Targets deemed offensive by Hagues LLC staff cannot be shot
Anyone 17 years or younger must have ear muffs
All spent shell casings are property of the range

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Contact Information 700 Crown Point Road, Thorofare, NJ 08086
Phone: 856.251.9099 | Fax: 856.251.0027
E-Mail: elmerarms@aol.com

Suggestions & Comments
Customers are welcome to provide us with Suggestions and Comments. Hague's Indoor Range listens to all feeback whether negative or positive. Contact us today via email or telephone. Thank you.